The Outreach Service


Are you living in fear of someone?
Is Someone….
Verbally Abusive? Financially Controlling? Physically Abusive?
Sexually Abusive?
Checking up on you all the time?
Unreasonable & Unpredictable? Disrespectful?
Demeaning in Behaviour? Humiliating you?

Often the abusive person is controlling and you may feel unable to carry out the simplest of tasks without fear of abuse in some form.

Domestic abuse can involve physical attacks, controlling behaviour, withholding of money, the threat or the act of sexual violence and the erosion of your self confidence and self worth.

Emotional and mental abuse is often as damaging as physical violence and can leave scars behind that are deeply hidden.

The Refuge offers an Outreach Service to women who live in the St Albans and Hertsmere District Council areas. Women are met in a safe place by an Outreach Worker who will provide support, advice and information regarding Domestic abuse and the options that are available to them.

Women suffering abuse will often feel isolated and have been denied access to services. The aim of Outreach is to give women vital information to enable them to make choices regarding their situation. We can meet you in a safe place, discuss your options and support you in making those difficult decisions.  This service is available to women for as long as they need it.

If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship and you would like to make a referral please contact our 24 hour line for support and advice on 03301 025811 or email info@saferplaces.co.uk.

If any of these issues are affecting you and you wish to get more information and advice please go to the contact page.

Drop In Sessions

These sessions are available for women who have suffered or are suffering from Domestic Abuse.

It is a safe place to come for emotional support and practical advice facilitated by Two Outreach workers.

It offers women a chance to talk and share their experience with the Outreach workers and hopefully gain comfort, support.

For further information on the drop ins please contact Outreach – Ruth 07501 492064 and Bal on 07501 492065.

The Outreach Service will also be facilitating the new Domestic Abuse Programme TRIPLE R.

For further information on our drop in details and the Domestic Abuse programme Please click  here.



St Albans & Hertsmere Women’s Refuge receive funding from the Big Lottery “Reaching Communities Fund” which helps to support the work of our Outreach Services