Our Refuge

The Refuge

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The Refuge offers just that, a refuge from abuse; a place of safety. Often the word refuge can conjure up images of a place where most people would not want to be. However all attempts are made to ensure that the houses are clean, welcoming and well maintained.

Each family or woman has their own bedroom and share the bathrooms, sitting rooms, fully equipped kitchens, utility rooms, exciting playrooms and gardens with other families.

The Refuge operates under a licence agreement and House Rules. These clearly set out what a woman can expect from her stay and what standards of behaviour are expected of women whilst resident at the Refuge.

Who can stay at the Refuge?

The Refuge accepts referrals from all women who are currently experiencing domestic abuse and need a safe place to stay.
The Refuge is a dry house and is alcohol and drug free; this is for the comfort and safety of all residents.

How safe is the Refuge?

The Refuge locations are kept as confidential as possible. Each of the houses has CCTV and their location is registered with the Police. The houses are regular houses in ordinary streets so blend into the local communities.

We run events at the refuge for all of our women and children to attend.

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